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Arbitrage* Blockchain Transactions
* Arbitrage is the evolution of mining.
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About company
IT company ABT is accelerating innovation in blockchain technology and crypto ecosystems.
Blockchain technology has changed the structure of financial services in the same way that the Internet has changed the structure of the media.
Today we offer a unique technological product capable of automating revenue generation thanks to our team that combines deep experience in IT and business.
We are confident that the value of our arbitration neural network will accumulate in various areas of the blockchain ecosystem and offer co-investment in this cutting-edge technology.
>5000 customers use our technology.
$35 million Average cumulative turnover on arbitrage transactions of our clients.
3 Automation algorithms available for traders and beginners.
2018 We are one of the first who stood at the origins of digital asset arbitrage. And systematically improved their neurotechnical model.
Our values
01 We work with professionals and constantly innovate
02 We work with professionals and constantly innovate
03 Keep abreast of market trends
04 We adhere to the principle of patient capital
05 We maintain the highest standards in operations and risks
06 Dive deep into the due diligence process before and during network operation
07 In addition to capital, we increase the value of the product through machine learning
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